Catching Up – What I Have Been Printing

Water Drop Simulator
Train Set

​I have not been posting here lately and I apologize for that. I had considered closing this web site and posting and 3D printing stuff on my Winging It blog. That still might happen in the future but, for now, I am going to try and keep this site going.

I have five websites and, now that I am retired, I was overwhelmed with keeping up with all of them. I decided to eliminate my marketing websites all together. Now that I am retired, I really don't want to work at Internet marketing anymore. I also shut down my Great Genealogy blog and will be adding any genealogy related activity to Winging It. I wrote about all that in a blog  post on Winging It.

I seriously considered doing the same with this site but, 3D printing just doesn't fit that well with a personal blog. I hope I can keep up with just two sites and not get too far behind.

​Printing Away

​I still am using my 3D printers. In fact, I print​ something almost every day that I am home. I find myself using the KNP3D a lot more than the Pegasus. Both printers are great tools - the KNP3D is just easier to print with.

I print toys for out grandson, stuff for use around the house and, often, just fun stuff. Lately I have been doing more multi-part projects that take many hours to print.

I am very glad I got started with 3D Printing. It is a great hobby!

  • Jerry says:

    I bought a klic n print last year. Finally had a chance to start using it this month. Discovered the bed was warped. Put a glass bed on it. Now it is printing everything I am throwing at it. Haven’t figured out how to calibrate the x y axis yet. Sure there must be a setting somewhere. Anyway, thank you for keeping your website up.

    • Tom Clough says:

      Hi Jerry

      It is good to see you here. I am glad the glass is working well for you. I use it all the time now. As for the Z,Y calibration, this is from the KNK forum (

      With Sailfish firmware you have to add a G92 to your starting GCodes with the value you would like to use. There is no way to edit the EEPROM settings as you would with Marlin/Repetier firmware.

      Example M92 X88.8 Y88.8 Z400 E101

      You can use it to just change a single axis.

      Hope that helps,

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