Another Top Extruder Plate for the Klic-n-Print

Top Extruder Plate for KNP3D

In my last post I showed how I modified the top extruder plate of my Klic-n-Print 3D printer. Now I have replaced that top extruder plate with another new one!

Why I Changed the Extruder Plate Again

After my post about the new extruder top plate, I got a comment from a reader named john (longjohn) telling me about a very cool new top plate he found. This one looked so good in the pictures that I had to have one for myself.

Rather than going under the fan wires, this plate covers and protects them. The louvers in the top are functional slots to let any heat out too.​

Thingiverse 1396391

Hints for Making the Mod

This plate is Thingiverse thing 1396391 if you want one for yourself. It is an easy modification with just a couple things to watch out for.

First, remember that you will need to print it with support. Then the trick is to make sure you clean out all the support material before you try to put it on the printer. Just take your time and clean out the underside. Looking at the part in Slic3r can help since you can rotate the image to see what it should look like.

Second, it can be a little hard to line the long mounting screws up with their holes. Shining a flash light in from the from can help get them in the ball park. From there you just have to move them around in small steps until the screw in properly. Make sure you don't pinch any wires when you tighten them down.

Top Extruder Plate for KNP3D

Printed in black, this really fits in well with the color of the extruders and look very sharp.

Your comments and suggestions are always very welcome. What mods are you doing to your printer?


  • Mike says:

    So it seems you are still using and liking this printer? This blog is so far the most detailed information I can find on this printer outside of the KNP3D forum which is fairly limited.
    At first I thought this printer was vaporware until I came across your blog. Most of what I can find about this printer (and it isn’t much) is from 2014, and most of that is from before it was out. There are no reviews that I can find on any of the regular 3D printing sites, and other than one quick teaser from a trade show there are two people with videos on YouTube, one building a shelf and the other having errors.
    It seems like a great deal, but I’m worried about the lack of information and community around this thing.
    Keep up the blog, you just might convince me this is worth getting.

    • Tom Clough says:

      Hi Mike,

      Thank you for visiting and for getting in touch.

      Yes, I am still using the KNP3D every day and it is a great printer. I am not sure why there is so little info out there for the machine. I really think it is an exceptional deal when you compare it to other similar 3D printers.

      There are some details and specs at if you haven’t already seen that. In addition to the forum, there is a Facebook group at

      The user base that is active online is small but growing. I hope we will see more in the future but, however limited the online information is, it doesn’t change the fact that this is an excellent 3d printer.

      I hope you will visit often.


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