Tom Clough

    Welcome to 3D Hobbyist

    ​My name is Tom and I created this website.

    I have been fascinated by additive manufacturing and, in particular, 3D printing for a long time. I gained some familiarity with the topic during my 30 years working in development engineering but I have never pursued it as a hobby - until now.

    I am building this website as a way to share my journey as I research, purchase and use 3D printers as a home hobbyist. I hope you will benefit from my experiences and that what I learn will help you as you also pursue this leading edge hobby.

    I believe 3D printers will soon be as common in our homes as ink jet and laser printers are today. I want to be in on the ground floor of this coming revolution.

    Over time. I hope 3D Hobbyist will become a valuable resource for all things related to 3D printing at home. I plan to discuss the printers themselves, the software to control them, the materials they use and the things they can create. Your input is always welcome. You can use the comment section on the blog post pages, the private contact form below or email me at tom@3dhobbyist,com. I look forward to hearing from you!


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