3D Printer Filament Holder Spacers – An Easy Mod

Filament Holder Spacers

This easy 3D printer modification was prompted by an recent print failure that shouldn't have happened.

I was in the middle of a fairly long printing project when I left the den (where the printer is located) to go have some lunch. I came back about 45 minutes later only to see the printer moving along, thinking it was printing, but not putting out any filament. The nozzle was 3/4" above the object just doing it's thing in mid air..

I quickly located the problem. The filament spool had drifted out on it's holder. Then, a loop of filament had come off and was wrapped around the holder. It was pulled so tight that I couldn't even get enough slack to unwind it. I had to unload the filament and then slowly work it loose.

The Fix Is Easy

Loose Spool

​The bad news is that a lot of printers have spool holders that are much longer than the filament reel is wide. That lets the spool wander all over as filament is pulled off. That can lead to tangles and broken filament.

The good news is that it is easy to fix the problem. There are several spacers available on Thingiverse so you should be able to find ones to fit your printer. I found one that is perfect for my Klic-N-Print. It should also fit the Replicator, FlashForge Creator Pro and similar printers.

Spool Spacers

The one I found had files for .5" and .75" spacers. I printed a few of each to accommodate different spool sizes. They work great. The spools don't move around any more and I haven't had any feed problems.

This is a quick fix for a common problem. I highly recommend having spacers on hand.

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