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    3D Printing Comes Home

    3D printing has been used by industry for some time now. It's advantages over conventional manufacturing process are many. Now these incredible tools are becoming available to home users.

    In the near future, we will all be printing many of the repair parts and complete new items for ourselves rather than buying them from a store.

    Interest in 3D printing is going rapidly. It is an exciting time to be a 3D hobbyist or home user.

    3D Printer ​​Basics

    Modeling Software

    What is 3D Printing?

    3D printing is used to describe several additive manufacturing processes. Some of them have been around for decades but have only really taken hold in industry in the 21st century.

    Now the capabilities and benefits that made these processes so attractive in commercial settings are finding there way into our homes.

    By getting in to this as 3D printer hobbyists, we can be in on the ground floor and well positioned for ​the future.

    3D Printer

    3D Printers for Hobbyists

    Printers suitable for hobbyists fall into four main categories:

    • User Built From Plans
    • DIY Kits
    • Pre-Assembled Kit Versions
    • Factory Built Models

    Which type you choose depends on how hands on you want to be and on which features you decide are essential.

    Modeling Software

    3D Printing Software

    The 3D printing hardware can't work without the software to run it.

    The software is used to design the 3D objetcs we want to print and to drive the printers that construct those objects.​

    Pricing for software ranges from free to several thousand dollars. You will have to choose a package that works with your printer and includes the features you need for the printing you plan to do.​

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